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    We stand up for a new MOBA: Infinite Crisis

    Every year appears a new videogame that promises that it is going to be the competitive game of the future. However, there are only a few the ones that obtain a firm structure and they are less the ones which obtain the title of being a true e-Sport. In wSystem we not only work for being a reference in present platforms, we also keep a watchful eye in the future, thus, we have added a new discipline: Infinite Crisis.


    Some of our fans will open a new window in their web browser in order to obtain information of this phenomenon which is already a referent in Europe and in America. Infinite Crisis is a MOBA game set among the DC’s universe. It has been developed by Turbine and released by Warner Bros. In addition, this franchise is sponsored by ESL in its closed beta. The game already has a wide and strong community and some tournaments with big prizes have been celebrated. A lot of important teams such as H2K, Na’Vi, Epsilon or Team Dignitas among others have participated in these tournaments.

    Our team is also a referent, the captain, Soulz, is a former player of H2K and he has won a lot of prizes:

    • 3rd/4th Closed Beta Championship.
    • 3rd Open Beta Championship.
    • 3rd/4th Season 1 European Finals (At the ESL stage)
    • 3rd Season 2 European Finals.

    Thanks to this team our club is nearer to obtain the main objectives at the beginning of 2015: make a name in Europe. Our players will travel to USA where they are going to defend our emblem against the most prestigious teams in the world.


    We are please to present you the players who are going to form the roster of this big family. All of them have a name inside e-sports world:

    • Jesús “Soulz” Painceira: Captain and ADC. He is one of the youngest players of the scene and he is probably one of the most experienced players of the European top. He is considered the best in his role. He has played for: Aware Gaming, London Conspiracy and H2k.
    • Lucas “Cryzzy” Hamann: Support. He has been in the same teams with Soulz. He has a great map awareness and a big champion pool. He has played for: Aware Gaming, London Conspiracy and H2k.
    • Nelson “Acknologia” Santos: Jungler. Ex League of Legends professional, he played on the best Portuguese League of Legends team. He uses a lot of assassins in the jungle and he has a great champion pool. He has played for: London Conspiracy.
    • Joel “Drevor” Viola: 2nd Jungler. He has been in the competitive scene for a short time but he has already demonstrated his value. He has played for: Wolves Gaming.
    • Tiago “Incendiario” Cancela: AP Carry. He is a very known player of the ancient competitive Counter Strike 1.6 scene. He has been rated as one of the best laners in Europe.
    • Duarte “Axiomm” Monteiro: Coach. He is an ex-professional player of Shootmania and he is the brain of the team. Axiomm was one of the first players of Infinite Crisis and he won the Open Beta Championship. He has played for: N7 and nFaculty.

    Soulz, our team captain, wanted to write some words for our fans:

    “It means a lot for us the confidence vote given by wSystem. We are very pleased with this step and we hope to bring results in the European top and increase the fans of this game Spain. #GowSystem


    Our CEO, Jordi Amaz1ng, has also written some words for the team:

    “It is a pleasure for us to count on a team like this. Thanks to them we will continue having presence in Europe after the tournament Viagame House Cup #2, where our player PEDROCLA competed. Welcome to our great family and we expect to work with this team for a long time and we hope to continue accomplishing the objectives of our organisation. #GrowingWithYou

    For all of you who are interested in introducing yourselves in this great MOBA, we want to inform you that this game is already available in Steam. You can also download it through the Infinite Crisis official webpage.

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    Iker RodriguezWe stand up for a new MOBA: Infinite Crisis
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    LVP: Sprint#2 round 9 summary

    Presentation of the LVP weekly summary: Professional Videogames League.

    Call of Duty


    1. Over Gaming:

    Over Gaming couldn’t present their full roster so we obtained a free win. We ended the Split#2 in the 7th position with 12 points.


    League of Legends


    1. Suma.GG:

    In this last round of the Split#2 we had to play in order to avoid the relegations against Suma.GG in a single game round.

    Picks: Hecarim (Top) / Lee Sin (Jungler) / Viktor (Midlaner) / Sivir and Thresh (bot) wSystem. Shen (Top) / Rengar (Jungler) / Xerath (Midlaner) / Lucian and Janna (bot) Suma.GG.

    Rengar was a continue risk on the midlane during all the game because his invisibility. The jungler achieve his mission to take Lomadien out of the game thanks to Xerath‘s stuns. Our midlaner was killed two times during the first 10 minutes of the game. Our team had a very poor map vision and Suma.GG took advantage playing as hunters. They obtained a lot of kills and they won the game.

    Despite our loss, our team won’t be relegated, x6tence lost against Atlantis, due to that, the victory obtained against x6tence during the round 9 allows us to qualify for the playoffs.



    1. Chipy:

    PEDROCLA started with an aggressive mage against a tempo mage. An inopportune Kezan Mistyc played by Chipy stole PEDROCLA’s Ice block and he lost. In the next match our player decided to play a Zoo Warlock. The strategy was perfect and the warlock stepped over the mage. Chipy tried to counter Gul’dan with Anduin, but the evil forces prevailed and PEDROCLA won the game.

    This has been a good Sprint for PEDROCLA. Our player has ranked in the 3rd position, only one victory below the 1st one.


    To Conclude:

    Despite the bad results in the regular phase, our CoD and League of Legends teams will compete in the playoffs of the final Sprint. Both teams have a week for training, polish errors, develop new strategies and show that they can defeat everyone.

    The first matches of the playoffs are the next:

    More information in our Twitter account.

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    Iker RodriguezLVP: Sprint#2 round 9 summary
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